Ultra Leftist journalist Amy Goodman Mocks Christians by playing cherished gospel song “He Touched Me” after Bill O’Reilly segment with Legal terrorist Lisa Bloom

In this video report, shyster lawyer Lisa Bloom, the daughter of bottom feeder attorney Gloria Allred, went on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman bragging about how she took down Bill O’Reilly.

Apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to Ms. Bloom’s legal skills.

But, what really angered me as much as the baseless attacks on Bill O’Reilly from female opportunists looking for a big payday, was at the end of the segment ¬†Amy Goodman at around the 34 min mark played the Elvis Presley version of “He Touched Me” while showing footage of a younger, agitated, O’Reilly on set going through hysterics.

As a Christian I am highly offended and I think it’s reprehensible on Goodman’s part to use such a song that is beloved by millions of Christians as a cheap joke. Shame on you, Amy Goodman!

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Samuel Gonzalez

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