U.N. Courage Index Lowered To ‘Yellow’

“U.N. Courage Index Lowered To ‘Yellow'” By Scott Ott: The United Nations courage index level was reduced to ‘Yellow’ today as the Security Council continues to delay enforcement of 18 resolutions commanding Iraq to disarm.

The index is designed to give citizens of U.N. member nations a reliable guage of the effectiveness of the global body.

A U.N. spokesman said the courage index “Yellow” rating means it’s unlikely that the U.N. will contribute to world safety by disarming the Iraqi dictator’s regime.

However, the “Yellow” rating also means it is likely that U.N. member nations who oppose threat-of-force against Iraq now will take credit for the eventual disarmament when it happens.

If you like this satire by Scott Ott you can see more of his work at Scrappleface.

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