Cutting Away The Chafe — Why Are We Really Hitting Iraq?

Cutting Away The Chafe — Why Are We Really Hitting Iraq?: Let me cut through all the propaganda, hype and spin to get down to the root of why we need to invade Iraq.

After 9/11, it was clear that we could no longer continue to stick our heads in the sand and ignore the threat that the entire global terrorist network (not just Al Qaeda) poses to us. That’s because as bad as 9/11 was, it could easily be much worse in the future given the spread of WMD.

Since it’s impossible to destroy the global terrorist network as long as they’re backed by rogue governments, it’s essential to convince these governments to no longer support terrorism by any means necessary.

That leads us to Iraq. Can we convince Saddam Hussein to stop supporting terrorism through diplomatic methods? Since the answer to that question is obviously “no,” we need to remove Saddam via military force.

Everything else, his cruelty to his people, the threat Iraq presents to the region, his violation of UN Resolutions, hopes that Democracy will spread throughout the region, being able to move our troops out of Saudi Arabia, etc, are secondary considerations to the fact that he supports terrorist groups and will continue to do so unless we stop him.

If this is really why we’re going in, why are we talking about the WMD & the breaking of UN resolutions so much and why aren’t we hitting Iran first, since they’re an even bigger sponsor of terrorism than Iraq? Simple, because we can get a lot more worldwide support for invading Iraq than we can for hitting anywhere else. If that means we have to emphasize Hussein’s defiance of the UN to get more nations on board, so be it. You don’t catch flies with vinegar. Furthermore, once we’re in Iraq, we’ll have access to Iran and we won’t need to go begging and bribing other nations in the region to get a place to launch our troops from — if we can’t help the people of Iran rise up in revolution first.

As far as the nations we need to deal with go, North Korea, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Libya, etc — I think the diplomatic approach has a good chance to prevail in those nations — especially if they can look at Afghanistan, Iraq & Iran and see what a dead end siding with the terrorists against America can be.

We have several years to go in the war on terrorism — at least — but I think history will regard getting rid of Hussein as one of the key events, perhaps the key event, in winning the war and reducing terrorism, like piracy, from a dire threat to our country to merely a dangerous nuisance.

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