Your Whacko Of The Day

Your Whacko Of The Day: Ladies and gentlemen, your whacko conspiracy theory of the day follows from a page called Who & Why and it’s a doozy…

“…On November 20, 2001, I notified the FBI, and the US Postal Inspector General in Las Vegas and Washington DC., that George Herbert Walker Bush, Former President of the USA, was behind the Anthrax Murders. (18 USC 4 Federal Reporting Crimes Act) And that this was a Bush Shadow Government Operation, to eliminate some of his enemies, (General Media, who broke the story on the Bush/Clinton Crime Family Presidential Pardon’s, the 28 page expose on Clinton’s Crimes, and Tim McVeigh — CIA Contract agent for Bush Sr. — getting a Narcotic Induced Injection-Not Death, Sept 18th 2001 Weekly World News, which appeared on 7-11 news stands Sept. 10, 2001. 2 days later they reported the Anthrax to the FBI) and to put a general scare into the camps of those Congressman and Senators (Daschle and Leahy) that have opposed him and his son George W. Bush the current President of the USA. George Jr. takes his orders from his father George Sr., George Jr. is too dumb to be President. (Dick Cheney is in control for Bush Sr.)

And that George Bush Sr. had intentions to spread the Anthrax to the paper money supply that would force the American People into a Credit-Debit system.

This current operation, if successful, would do two things:

1. Force All American’s to accept the National Id/Credit-Debit/DNA Cards. (For those Bible literate, could this be Revelation, chapters 13 and 16?)

2. Strip the American People of Billions of Dollars out of their back pockets, and those who have cash on hand, would loose all they have, because the Banks would not accept the possible dirty money. (Anthrax-tainted money) This would wipe out most Americans, thus sending more of us into further recession.

And Americans would throw the money into the streets.

…What is George Bush Sr. doing and why?

First you have to understand the mentality of this person, George Bush Sr., is a Satanist, bent on One World Government. (see my news release Dec 21, 2001, Sedalia, Colorado Satanic Worship-Kimball Castle/Summer-Winter Solstice)

Bush Sr. is a Knight’s Templar, who has been planning the destruction of America for a number of years. We — and I say We — very few Federal Whistle blowers with track records who are still alive, and Former Shadow Government Players who are still alive, who’ve been exposing “The Bush Crime Family”, understand his mentality and his over-all plan. (New World Order/One
World Government Under Satanic Control)…

Thank You
Stew Webb”

That right folks, Bush Sr.. who’s apparently a “Satanist, Knight’s Templar (who’s) bent on One World Government” is planning on tainting all of our money with anthrax to force us to switch to “National Id/Credit-Debit/DNA Cards.” This guy gets 10 points for creativity. In fact, I’d suggest letting him play with finger paints when they lock him up in the insane asylum.

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