University Advises Students To Use Cold Water For Showers…Want To Guess Why?

University Advises Students To Use Cold Water For Showers…Want To Guess Why?

Oh, the guilt for being a human consumer couldn’t be more palpable than on the campus of Indiana University. You see, among millennials there’s an idea going around that resources humans use up such as clothes, food, water and oxygen is a burden. NOW Indiana University Student Association has added a new department designed to deal with issues of sustainability — on campus.


Assessing ‘environmental problems’ is their number one goal. Are students encountering inefficient light use? Are there enough recycling bins? Of course they will not be doing all the work alone, they will be working with the campus ‘Office of Sustainability’ and of course the ‘Student Sustainability Council’. The key for ALL of them is to find ways of reducing students’ negative human impact. Humans cause a negative impact on the world, so why not on campus? Poor millennials… I’m so glad I didn’t have so much crap told to me when I was in college.


“It’s one of the most pressing issues of our generation,” said Parker Angelos, head of the IUSA Sustainability Department. “The world is going to change, and we have to react and be progressive or our lives are going to change for the worse.”

“Living sustainably is one of the easiest things you can do,” Angelos said. “Turn off your lights, unplug your electric devices, take shorter, cold showers. Maybe some people are deterred by that, but as time progresses these issues are going to become much more pressing and much more internationally important.”


That’s right millennials, if you love sustainability you better get ready to give up your cellphones and shower in the dark, but when you do shower, make sure it’s cold and short. Yes, if you want to be an even more self-important millennial than everyone else, you better just conserve all the water you can and forego showering altogether. Becoming a non-consumer would make you the perfect human. I appreciate you conserving while I shower as long as I like, use my cellphone 24/7 if needed, buy waaaaay more shoes than is necessary, put all my groceries in 1-use-only plastic bags and drive my gas guzzling cars just for a Sunday drive.

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