URGENT: Democrat Insider Confirms Obama is Pushing for “One-Party” Rule Over America

URGENT: Democrat Insider Confirms Obama is Pushing for “One-Party” Rule Over America

Dick Morris is once again sounding the warning, this time about President Obama’s effort to destroy the Republican Party and turn America over to the Politburo…I mean, the Democrat Party:

“What he really wants to do is stack the deck to assure permanent Democratic control over the country – a one-party democracy, like Mexico had and Japan has had,” Morris said Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity.”

Everything Obama does must be seen through that lens, Morris said, including why Obama wants open borders and stronger labor unions and opposes photo IDs for voting. It also explains why he wants judicial confirmations without a filibuster, he said.

Well, yeah. That and Democrats really don’t have any use for freedom:

Morris writes that almost all of Obama’s key initiatives and agenda items have a common goal of taking power from traditional and bipartisan institutions in favor of his own Democratic Party.

Morris and McGann call Obamacare the biggest power grab of all because they say it creates a new, permanent dependency class. And they say his push for immigration reform will quickly tip the balance of power in favor of Democrats, giving them a permanent lock on the White House.

Read the whole thing.

Is there any doubt Obama and the Democrats want to destroy the Republican party? I don’t have any.

Duane Lester

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