US Taxpayer Money to Be Showered Upon Anti-American BBC

What could be worse than Big Government financing snobby left-wing propaganda services like NPR and PBS with money forcibly extracted from American taxpayers? Only one thing: using our money to finance snobby left-wing propaganda services in other countries:

The BBC World Service is to receive a “significant” sum of money from the US government to help combat the blocking of TV and internet services in countries including Iran and China.

Combating censorship is wonderful, but in light of the virulently anti-American moonbattery that characterizes the BBC, this isn’t far different from throwing our money at Al-Jazeera. Appallingly if unsurprisingly, our rulers do that too.

American taxpayers will be forced to shoulder a burden British taxpayers have been shrugging off:

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The US government money comes as the World Service faces a 16% cut in its annual grant from the Foreign Office — a £46m reduction in its £236.7m budget over three years that will lead to about 650 job cuts.

Meanwhile, Comrade Obama has been pinching shut Voice of America’s air hose. Apparently VOA is too pro-USA to put the proper spin on events for the international audience.

Yet another hostile recipient of your money.

On a tip from G. Fox. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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