Verbally Attacked While Buying Coffee, What She Did Next Has The Nation Buzzing

Verbally Attacked While Buying Coffee, What She Did Next Has The Nation Buzzing

The world is not always a nice place. One woman discovered this firsthand, but when she had the opportunity to fight-back against some bullies, she adhered to the Golden Rule. Now, her story is inspiring others.


At a Tim Horton’s in Fort Gratiot, Michigan, the actions of Dianne Hoffmeyer have shocked thousands of people as her story has gone viral. While getting coffee and donut holes with her 22-month-old daughter, Dianne encountered a couple of rude women behind her in line.

For no reason at all, the women were making mean comments and calling Dianne names. They were saying things like how her hair looked nasty and that she was a whale. Recently having lost 177 pounds, the insults hit close to home. Dianne could hardly keep it together as she completed her order in addition to doing something very unexpected.

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Rather than retaliating or starting an argument with the women, Dianne told the cashier that she would pay for their coffee.

After leaving the store, Dianne went out to her car where she cried for 15 minutes. She wanted to set a good example for her children instead of lashing out. I can’t even imagine how the women must have felt after the cashier told them that Dianne paid for their drink.

They must have been confused while, feeling absolutely ridiculous. The Tim Horton’s manager says that they have yet to return since the incident. I give a lot of credit to Dianne for taking the high road as it took a lot of strength and I probably couldn’t have done the same.

In truth, she is a better person than I. I have stood-up to bullies plenty of times and that has never included a free latte. Bravo to her!

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