[VIDEO] Backyard sinkhole ‘swallows’ Vic woman

The 45-year-old woman was hanging clothes in the Springvale South backyard when the ground gave way on Tuesday. Her narrow escape may make you re-think hanging out the washing:


She fell three metres into the grass sinkhole, which was part-filled with water.Paramedic Stephanie Palamberis said the woman’s head went under the waist-deep water at one stage and she was forced to swim because she couldn’t touch the bottom.
“She fell with the dirt and mud, dropping about three metres and landing in waist-deep water,” she said.
“The woman told us she couldn’t touch the bottom of the hole, so was trying to swim and stay afloat, to avoid the risk of further mud collapses.”
Specialist firefighting equipment was used to pull the woman from the hole, about 10 minutes after authorities arrived after being alerted by neighbours who heard the woman’s screams.

The woman was not injured and there was no damage to surrounding buildings. What a scary way to be surprised! Luckily, she is OK.

News clip showing the creepy sinkhole this woman was trapped in:


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