VIDEO: Barroom Groper Gets Taught a Much-Needed Lesson

VIDEO: Barroom Groper Gets Taught a Much-Needed Lesson

Surveillance footage from a persistent groper in Russia shows why being an obnoxious pervert is not a good idea. The Blaze reports on the clip:


Surveillance video apparently from a restaurant in Russia shows what can happen to men who make unwanted advances toward women — and in this case the woman doles out the pain.

A waitress is seen talking to a customer who’s sitting on a barstool, then suddenly he attempted to either touch the left side of her neck or possibly slide cash underneath her shirt.

Whatever he did, it wasn’t a good idea — but she required no assistance, shoving the man backward in his seat.

He immediately got up and grabbed the inside of the waitress’ upper-right thigh with his left hand —

— for which she righteously whacked him in the face with a menu, sending him stumbling backward.

You’d think this guy would’ve had enough, but he actually walked toward the waitress again — but this time she deposited him for good, sending him to the floor with a blow that may have dazed him, bloodied his face or both.

TheBlaze can’t independently verify the veracity of the clip. While it’s taken from a surveillance camera dated May 19, some are apparently saying it looks staged — and although the guy may have been intoxicated, he did take a pretty quick tumble by the end.

You be the judge.

Looks real enough to me, but the important thing here is the lesson: don’t be a jerk and you won’t get smacked around. Simple enough.

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