VIDEO: Big Mouthed Drunk Dares Bouncer To Swing Because He’ll Dodge His Punch

VIDEO: Big Mouthed Drunk Dares Bouncer To Swing Because He’ll Dodge His Punch

A nightclub bouncer punched a drunk reveler so hard it knocked him clean out as seen in this footage. What is bothersome is that the drunk man was not a threat. Watch the video then see my explanation as to why this bouncer shouldn’t be in the business.


From the Daily Mail:

The drama happened after the man was kicked out of Coda nightclub in Walnut Street, Philadelphia. He kept asking the burly bouncer to let him back in but he refused.

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For some reason he then asks if the imposing doorman would punch him – and if his swing misses he is allowed back in.

The man is heard asking: ‘Now if you hit me and you swing and you miss, can I still go inside.’
After almost a minute of asking the man obliges and knocks the party-goer out cold.

As he lies knocked out on the pavement onlookers go over to check on him as the bouncer appears to leave the scene.

It is not clear if the man suffered any serious injuries. Police are investigating but no charges have been filed.

This was not only unprofessional of the bouncer, it was assault. Now before you get all butt hurt and say this guy had it coming, really, he did not. Bouncers are legally not supposed to fight, punch or kick patrons inside or outside the club. They can lead them out, but that’s it.

The drunk guy was not a threat and he was totally unaware. Such a punch could easily have killed him if his head had hit the ground first. Drunks are annoying, yes. But knuckle-heads like this bouncer shouldn’t be in the business and the reasoning is clear.

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