[VIDEO] Bizarre Moment Chicago Radio Hosts Learn They are Being FIRED – while LIVE on Air!

[VIDEO] Bizarre Moment Chicago Radio Hosts Learn They are Being FIRED –  while LIVE on Air!

They learned live on air that their radio station was shutting down and they would lose their jobs. So, the shocked hosts of 87.7FM in Chicago took the opportunity to condemn their employers. This radio duo found out they would be standing in the unemployment line in a bizarre way:


Ben Finfer, appearing with Alex Quigley on the ‘Quigs and Finfer’ show, told listeners: ‘We’re doing a live show here. And to be told this way, it’s really a letdown. We’re getting screwed on this one.’
The presenters discovered the fate of the station via Twitter after journalist Robert Feder posted a message on the site, reading: ‘Breaking news: Tribune Media drops sports/talk radio station. Speaking in a solemn tone, Mr. Finfer told listeners last Thursday: ‘We just found out on Twitter… that the station is being taken off the air. We were not told about this ahead of time.’
Mr. Quigley quipped: ‘This is why you don’t have Twitter on at your job,’ to which his co-host replied: ‘I’m not going to blame Twitter, I’m going to blame our bosses for not doing this the respectful way.’
Mr. Finfer then went on to dissect the news on-air, reading out Mr. Feder’s report, which stated that the ‘ambitious but unprofitable’ 87.7FM was folding by the end of the year due to financial issues. According to an insider, the station, which was launched nine months ago, has been unable to generate sufficient advertising revenue to sustain its programming and talent costs.
Mr. Finfer also questioned his operations manager colleague about his knowledge of their future, saying: ‘Now Quigs, you had an idea that this was coming because you are part of management.’
‘Was,’ Mr. Quigley corrected him, while wriggling uncomfortably in his seat.
Mr. Finfer prodded: ‘You were told not to say anything from our bosses,’ to which a subdued Mr. Quigley responded: ‘Yeah, I was… last night.’
During the show, later uploaded to YouTube, Mr. Finfer continued to question his bosses’ actions, saying: ‘Why is it so hard to tell your employees that they are losing their jobs?’
He added: ‘We found out from Robert Feder while we were on the freaking air. What kind of an operation is this… who treats people like that?
‘I had respect for our bosses until about five minutes ago. They haven’t even come in the room yet to say anything … now we have to sit here and do a show for an hour and forty minutes?
‘How are we supposed to do that? I’ve never ever had management treat me this way.’
After complaining about the radio station’s closure for nearly 10 minutes, Mr. Finfer and Mr. Quigley finally returned to their schedule. They both later thanked listeners for their support via Twitter.

Check out this video of the awful news delivered in the worst way possible:

What jerks. Stay tuned for “Horrible Bosses 3 : Based on the true story of Ben and Alex” Good luck in the future, guys. I am sure your talent will not go to waste.


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