[VIDEO] Black Punk Arrested After Posting Facebook THIS of Him Knocking Out Old Homeless Woman

[VIDEO] Black Punk Arrested After Posting Facebook THIS of Him Knocking Out Old Homeless Woman

Black thug is caught on video harrassing an old homeless woman, who looks to feel threatened by him. What he did next, makes him a monster and has made the video VIRAL!


Ibn Hunter, 25, was arrested Monday morning after a link to the video was sent to the police, following several people sharing it online.

The 45-year-old homeless woman suffered serious head trauma that had her initially in critical condition, Lt. Robert Campbell said. She is now stable and in serious condition. Her name is not being released.

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The video shows a man standing up seeming to yell at a woman sitting down in what appears to be Brown’s Park in Atlantic City.

The man then looks at the camera, pulls back his right arm and smacks the woman. She then falls back.

“It’s over!” yells the man behind the camera, laughing.

Police are still investigating who that man is.

Hunter then comes close to the camera, and makes mention of how the woman said he wouldn’t hit her. There is then a close-up of the woman who appears to be passed out. Her left eye is bruised.

The video was originally shared on Facebook at 1:14 p.m. Saturday, posted under the name Bdsp BroadDay. The user then shared the video to his own timeline at least a dozen more times over the hours, most recently at about 2 Monday morning.

A screenshot of the attacker’s face and link to the video was seen by police on Saturday. Detective Neil Kane showed the photo to people at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, who said the woman was in the hospital, Campbell said. It is unclear how she got there.

Just before 9 a.m. Monday, Officer Brian Shapiro recognized Hunter at Kentucky and Arctic avenues, and the suspect was arrested. He has not yet been processed at the Atlantic County Justice Facility.

A former city resident shared the public video on her timeline after she recognized Browns Park, and tagged a Press of Atlantic City reporter in the post.

A link and screenshot were sent to police by The Press of Atlantic City. A link to the video was also sent to tip411, police said.

What kind of scum exists that has been able to somehow take human form to create THIS GUY! …someone slap him.

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