Liberal Calls For Burning Businesses in Baltimore To Get Them ‘Out of Our Communities’

Liberal Calls For Burning Businesses in Baltimore To Get Them ‘Out of Our Communities’

In a spectacular display of ignorance, a man identified as “Brother Rose” spoke at the Baltimore rally yesterday preaching that people need to kick businesses out of the communities. “Let’s burn something that doesn’t benefit us, but benefits you, but is in our community.” You’re gonna sit there and tell me not one person has ever shopped at the CVS that was destroyed? You’re gonna tell me not one person has received vital medications through that CVS? Oh, but it gets even better below.


From Breitbart:

During a large rally in front of Baltimore’s City Hall, a young man introduced as “Brother Rose,” in winding and sometimes incoherent speech, praised the burning of a CVS store at the corner of Pennsylvania and North Avenues. “America didn’t care until we started affecting things they profit from… What we saying, ‘Let’s get you out of our communities.’”

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He also said, “Without us running (unintelligible) Mondawmin Mall [the site of mass looting on Monday], taking back from the stores that have taken our dollars for how long, and not giving back to the community in any type of way. We made a statement. The world heard us then. They heard that the youth of Baltimore are going to get justice by any means necessary.”

He also advocated shutting down restaurants and businesses that were protecting their investments. “If they protected themselves against you, protect yourselves against them. Don’t spend your money there. Don’t give them no reason to be in your neighborhood. Kick them out.”

It was unclear how his grand plan would allow neighborhood residents to get desperately needed vital goods and services.

Watch the video below:

I’m going to guess that “Brother Rose” didn’t take the time to study economics, so let me give you a basic lesson: CVS is a business. In order to sustain that business, they sell products that people need/want/will buy. The money they make from said purchases goes toward many things, including paying the local employees, who have been given a source of income from said business. This income allows people to pay for anything they need, including clothing, food, gas and utilities. This payment keeps other local businesses up and running to provide you various other goods and services. So to sit there and say that they haven’t “given anything back” to your community is just plain ignorance. Just because they didn’t hand out anything for free doesn’t mean they didn’t help you. They gave your residents jobs. They gave you a place to shop for your various needs, including a place to get your diabetic Aunt Betty her insulin, antibiotics for your kid with an ear infection and vitamins to keep your body in top condition. They helped you be able to do for yourselves, not just sit there and have everything handed to you. You need to learn some respect, “Brother.”

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