VIDEO: Bully Dumps Water on Young Girl, 3 Seconds Later BRUTAL Justice Is Served

VIDEO: Bully Dumps Water on Young Girl, 3 Seconds Later BRUTAL Justice Is Served

Here’s a tip: if you’re going to be a jerk, be careful about who you bully. They might be able to whoop your… butt. This girl taught a bully this lesson:


Bullies will often go to any length to embarrass their victims and make sure everyone around them gets a good laugh at the expense of the person who was targeted. Sometimes it’s emotional abuse, sometimes it’s physical, but either way, it’s downright miserable to be on the receiving end.

Every once in a while, the victim — the underdog — turns the tables and the bully ends up the laughing stock, which is exactly what happened recently at what appeared to be a high school football game. And it was all captured on video that was uploaded to FlyHeight.

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A young girl was alone, standing in front of the bleachers and speaking with someone. The bully began taunting and provoking the girl, who remained completely calm the entire time.

The girl’s demeanor must have upset the bully, so the bully opened a water bottle and poured it on her victim’s head.

Seconds later, the girl who had been so calm, cool and collected, grabbed the bully by the legs, yanked her off the bleachers and threw her into a metal fence. She then began kicking the bully while the bully was momentarily incapacitated.

In the video footage, the crowd can be heard erupting in cheers after the bully was knocked off her perch, literally, and attacked by the person who’d suffered so much embarrassment just minutes before.

The bully tried to fight back, but a swarm of people quickly pulled the two apart. The damage was already done.

Justice always has a way of catching up to the people who need a dose of it. In this case, it happened rather quickly.

As brutal as it sounds, this is precisely why we need to block these efforts to stop bullying. No- people should not be bullying, but confrontation and, yes, even physical altercations, are forms of conflict resolution and insisting that it is the responsibility of parents and teachers to make sure children never have to suffer from teasing is certainly not the answer.

Sometimes, the best answer to a bully is a swift butt-whooping.

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