VIDEO: CEO Gets Shot in His GROIN to Prove His Bullet Proof Cup Works

VIDEO: CEO Gets Shot in His GROIN to Prove His Bullet Proof Cup Works

To sell a product, one should be willing to stand-by his product. However, there is a limit to this principle and the CEO of a company that manufacturers bulletproof athletic cups has exceeded what anyone can logically expect from a company CEO: he has filmed himself getting shot in the groin with his cup protecting his… manhood. Check it out:

The company proudly explains:

We’ve been successful in serving men in the military, first responders, and adult athletes.

There’s a NEED for this product. Aside for the thousands of sports related injuries—Thousands (1500+) soldiers and Marines have been taken out of battle with genital wounds– some with long-term injuries.

Genital injuries can keep men from being able to father children and have a healthy sex life.

Our company is looking forward to extending this kind of comfort and protection to youth athletes around the world after completing a successful Kickstarter campaign.  CEO Jeremiah Raber spent 7 years and nearly $100,000 perfecting the Nutshellz Armored Cup in his basement.Through countless hours of research on body armor, Raber discovered an ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene material, leading to the discovery of his bullet resistant groin protection cup.

Give credit where due: this took some serious guts and faith in his product!

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