VIDEO: Check Out what HILARIOUS thing a Pig Farmer Did When His New Muslim Neighbors Asked HIM to Move

VIDEO: Check Out what HILARIOUS thing a Pig Farmer Did When His New Muslim Neighbors Asked HIM to Move

OBNOXIOUS! You know the guy who buys a house right next to the airport and within a year he’s upset demanding the airport move because of the noise pollution that interrupts his sleep– any thinking person knows this guy is an idiot and has nothing to complain about. That’s about as dumb as a Muslim Association buying land next to a pig farmer and then demanding the pig farmer move. Wait… but there IS a Muslim neighbor doing just that. Mr. pig farmer’s response will have you rolling!!!

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When a Texas pig farmer was approached and told that he should move so as to not offend the Muslim mosque the new neighbors were intending to build next to his property, the pig farmer did what any other politically incorrect person would do: He began holding pig races during their time of prayer.

In Islam, pigs are considered dirty and contact with such animals is against the Islamic faith. Kamel Fotouh purchased 11 acres next door to Craig Baker’s pig farm with the purpose of building a Mosque and Muslim community center. Baker claims that Fotouh, after purchasing the land, approached him and asked him to pack up and move.
Baker alleges that Fotouh called him a “liar” during a town meeting. Now, the pig farmer hosts pig races on Friday afternoons at the same time that Muslims next door are holding their afternoon prayer sessions. On the outside, it might look like childish feud; however, what this scenario represents is the clash of cultures and religions occurring in America and the kind of dangers that Europe is now encountering.

While many Muslims are peaceful, there remains a steadfastness in their faith that the rest of the world must adhere to their understandings of the world, their cultural norms and traditions. Though liberals might consider Baker’s actions “intolerant,” it is exactly the opposite; when the Muslim man moved next door, Baker was not the one to cross the fence and ask him to move because his lifestyle offended him.

My bet is the Muslim Association moved there specifically to create conflict and I’m guessing they will be taking this guy to court over and over until the pig farmer faces financial ruin from legal fees. This video below… says it all! Pig races anyone?

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