VIDEO: Child Ends Up Missing In Tennis Match, So These Players Decide To Pull A Class Act!

VIDEO: Child Ends Up Missing In Tennis Match, So These Players Decide To Pull A Class Act!

There may not be anything more heart-sinking than losing a child in a crowd. Not knowing where they are, if they wandered off, or were taken by some sick psychopath. The mind immediately rushes to the worst scenarios and you begin to panic. Anyone that has ever ‘misplaced’ a child knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Well, here is a story that starts off in dreaded panic, but ends with a heartwarming touch!


Tennis champion Rafael Nadal stopped a match when an agitated mother interrupted the game in a panic when she realized her little daughter was no longer at her side.

Nadal and his teammate were about to serve the ball when the commotion broke out.

They were playing an exhibition match with two former legends in the game – the Spaniard Carlos Moya, 40, and American legend and fireball, John McEnroe, 57, in Manacor, Mallorca.


What is pretty cool of Nadal is that he actually stopped the game right there on the spot in front of the 7,000 attending fans when he heard the disturbance and quickly realized that a child was more important than his game.

The cameras that had been recording the games turned their lenses and showed the upset mother of the child standing next to a steward and shouting the girl’s name, ‘Clara’.

After Nadal and the other players and the crowd realized what had happened, they all started started looking around for the child.

The scared and tearful girl was soon spotted at the end of the row and bystanders alerted the emotional mother, who ran to pick her up and hug her with the grip of a mama bear.

The spectators applauded the poignant moment and appeared to cheer at the happy ending before the athletes quickly resumed the match.

Many online have complained that it was the mother’s fault and she should have kept an eye on the child…

It happens people. God forbid anonymous keyboard warriors ever criticize you people for being, well, crappy people.

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