[VIDEO] Combat Medic MOM and Her Baby Are SHOT At By Armed Punks, Then She Says ‘MY TURN’

[VIDEO] Combat Medic MOM and Her Baby Are SHOT At By Armed Punks, Then She Says ‘MY TURN’

Punk Criminals have no respect for laws OR gun-free zones REGARDLESS of what Obummer says. However…they do have a forced respect for guns when they are in the hands of a good guy…and even more so when the gun is in the hand of a Mother protecting HER CHILD!


Semantha Bunce, 21, was shot twice during a home invasion Tuesday in East Charlotte, North Carolina, according to WSOC-TV.

What the men who broke in didn’t know was that Bunce is a combat medic with the North Carolina National Guard. They also didn’t know that she was armed — something that quickly became apparent when she unleashed a volley of gunfire by her stairwell.

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Paul Bunce, Semantha’s husband, told reporters that he believes his wife’s training helped her stay calm until paramedics could arrive at the scene and treat her, possibly saving her life. She also managed to save the life of the couple’s 4-month-old baby. She was feeding the boy when the attack occurred.

“The victim, she made it through surgery and she seems to be doing all right,” Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Capt. Chuck Henson told reporters.

One of the alleged attackers has turned himself in. Reco Latur Dawkins Jr., 23, has been charged with attempted murder, felony breaking and entering and conspiracy to commit felony breaking and entering.

“This investigation is going full force ahead,” Henson said. “They’re working it very, very hard and I’m very confident that we’ll have an arrest in it at some point.”

Meanwhile, neighbors in the area couldn’t believe the violence that struck so close to home.

“It’s a big shock to find something going on like that just a few houses down,” one neighbor told WSOC-TV.

“They’ve got a long journey ahead,” another said.

A GoFundMe page set up for Bunce’s medical bills had raised about $31,000 by Monday morning.

Someone get the memo to Obama…without her gun, they would be dead. We have the RIGHT to protect ourselves. Period.

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