VIDEO: Do You Know the Simple Way to Open a Can WITHOUT a Can-Opener?

VIDEO: Do You Know the Simple Way to Open a Can WITHOUT a Can-Opener?

I like to have an A,B and C plan for everything (if I can). I like knowing how to clean my gun with fancy solvents and a full kit; I also make sure to know how to do it with the bare essentials. One YouTube star’s innovative way for opening a can has gone viral and it is deceptively simple. Check it out; your life may someday hinge on this advice…


From finding shelter to starting a fire, survival tips are always helpful to keep in mind for times of crisis.

Two YouTube stars have recently gone viral after sharing their fascinating video teaching viewers how to open a can without a can-opener.

The video, by Crazy Russian Hacker, is titled How to Open a Can without Can Opener – Zombie Survival Tips #20 and shows two men opening three cans of tuna using nothing but their hands and a piece of concrete.

‘Don’t have any tools to open a can? No problem just use concrete,’ 28-year-old Taras Kulakov said.

‘[This is] how to open a can, any kind of can like this one, or maybe just a regular one,’ he said, the pair each holding different sized cans.

With no tools or knives, Mr Kulakov proceeded to show viewers how to open a simple metal tuna can with his bare hands.

‘So in the zombie apocalypse I’m trying to survive and I found a can of meat and I’m starving and I have nothing to open with, no tools whatsoever [sic],’ Mr Kulakov said.

‘I have a lot of concrete, you can find anywhere on the street…how do you open a can using concrete? Simple.’

Mr Kulakov placed the tin of tuna upside down on a slab of concrete and rubbed the can back and forth quickly.

‘Once you scraped a lot all you got to do is squeeze it and you opened it,’ he said, ‘see how all the edges are coming out now?’

Mr Kulakov then squeezed the edges of the can and the lid popped right off.

‘Now you can survive,’ his friend said.

The video, which has over 26 million views on YouTube, has received a flood of responses after recently going viral.

‘Thanks guys! Very resourceful! Worth knowing,’ one viewer wrote.

‘Ain’t that a clever trick, awesome stuff. Worth knowing this for the open road.’ Said another.

Others were less convinced.

‘I can see plenty of people slicing their hands open by trying this,’ a concerned viewer said.

‘Enjoy the metal shavings in your tuna. I’m pretty sure that it’s perfectly healthy when you combine the aluminum can shavings with the mercury tuna. Bon apetit [sic]!’ Another said.

I would prefer a good ol’ fashioned can opener, but it’s nice to know that I can open a can with the nearest slab of concrete.

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