VIDEO: Doctor removes a live cockroach from a woman’s ear

VIDEO: Doctor removes a live cockroach from a woman’s ear


Beware, if you read this you might wake up experiencing a total panic that this is happening to you. It is equally terrifying and unreal.

Oh my heavens. This is like a nightmare. A young lady in China woke up one night when her ear was in serious pain. She could not get the pain to stop and decided that she needed to go to a doctor at the local hospital to get it looked at. As soon as she arrived they were worried. Something was obviously in the ear canal. And according to the woman it felt like it might be alive.

At the local doctor, she explained what she was feeling. It felt like something was moving in her ear and the buzzing was unreal. But she could not seem to get whatever it was out of her ear. It did not take long for the doctor to discover the problem. There was in fact a live bug in her ear. To make matters worse it turned out to be a live roach!

The doctor moved quickly to remove the bug from her ear and it is (for better or for worse) all captured on video. As they pull the roach out it is still moving!

‘Something flew into my ear. It kept buzzing. I tried to touch it with my hands.

‘I could sense something inside, but I couldn’t touch it. Its wings were flipping and it hit my ear.

‘It’s very painful.’

Watch if you dare.

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