VIDEO: Dude Slams His Fist in a Bear Trap & Immediately Regrets It

VIDEO: Dude Slams His Fist in a Bear Trap & Immediately Regrets It

Wacky morning radio shows are not known to house the smartest people. This is just fact. Some of the most obnoxious, repugnant human beings decide to graduate (or leave) high school to achieve their life-long dream of becoming a radio DJ. The antics! The wacky soundboard! The weirdo guests that just keep giving…


Like this man!…Who decides with his God-given will to be recorded putting his fist in a bear trap. Yes, that’s right. A STEAL bear trap.

From YouTube:

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O, Bravo! Yes! Encore! WE WANT MORE! The entertainment value is almost immeasurable. I mean, where else can you find this kind of quality of the ‘thinning of the herd’ anywhere but a morning radio show? Nowhere I say!

Well now that my sarcasm has found an end, let’s get to real talk now – people are idiots. With the miserable choices we have for President this year, I would have thought a little bit of stupid people hurting themselves would have been a kicker, but nah! It just compounds the theory that we are lost as a nation. We have become stupid sheep that will say and believe anything for absolutely nothing.

…And with that cheery note, I bid thee adieu!

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