VIDEO: Elaborate prom proposal backfires, date ends up bursting into tears, ‘That’s a %$#@! way to ask someone to prom’

VIDEO: Elaborate prom proposal backfires, date ends up bursting into tears, ‘That’s a %$#@! way to ask someone to prom’

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If you plan to make a video of a clever surprise you did and have it go viral, don’t count out the fact it might backfire. This teenage boy learned the hard way, as the date he elaborately asked to prom started crying when she realized she had just insulted him.

The Daily Mail reports the painful details,

The pair had been driving along a route together where, unbeknownst to his girlfriend, Daniel had erected a series of signs along the road.

The final question mark was hidden in the car ready for the teen to pull out at the end to ask his girlfriend in person.

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But sadly his elaborate set-up did not quite go to plan after Alex missed the crucial first sign with her name on.

She caught the next which read: Will… you… Marry and gasped as she saw the next, LOL JK, which revealed the marriage proposal as a joke.

Reading out the final signs – Go To. Prom. With Me – Daniel had prepared to present her with the question mark to ask the question.

But the romantic mood quickly turned sour when Alex, who was not aware that her boyfriend was behind the attempt, criticized his carefully planned out proposal.

‘That’s a really s****y way to ask someone to prom,’ she said.

Poor Daniel’s face drops when she dismisses his proposal but doesn’t let on it was him, simply saying ‘well, ok.’

Suddenly the penny dropped and a mortified Alex, realizing her embarrassing blunder asked him ‘Was that you?’ before bursting into guilt-ridden tears.

Watch the video below to see whether she finally accepted the invitation to prom. Apparently it has become a bit of a fad lately for teenagers to outdo each other with fanciful prom invitations. This young man certainly outdid almost everyone else – but not in the way he intended.

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