VIDEO: Enraged Driver Bites Off More Than He Can Chew When His Victim Fights Back

VIDEO: Enraged Driver Bites Off More Than He Can Chew When His Victim Fights Back

Oftentimes it can be hard to keep your cool behind the wheel, but rarely does our frustration result in a physical altercation with another driver. One man, Lee Schismenos, found out that he was punching above his weight when he attacked a motorcyclist and his passenger, alleging they cut him off.


From The Daily Mail:

A driver man is facing several criminal charges, after an attack on a motorcyclist in Yuma, Arizona, that was captured on the victim’s helmet camera.

The video has garnered widespread attention and has been viewed over 7million times on YouTube.

The footage shows driver Lee Schismenos getting out of his car, punching motorcyclist Cody Munoz and shoving Luisa Loy, 21, who was a passenger.  

According to ABC News, the video was captured by a camera mounted on Munoz’s head.

Yuma Police said 51-year-old Schismenos faces charges of assault, disorderly conduct, threats, endangerment and impaired driving.

Audio from the video reveals that Schismenos was angry when 24-year-old Munoz cut him off on the road.

Munoz is seen grabbing Schismenos and pinning him to the floor, before asking for help.

Later others arrive on the scene, and a blanket is placed under Schismenos’ head.

Schismenos was injured in the altercation and briefly hospitalized.

An investigation is ongoing.

Watch the video below:

Maybe it’s just better to mutter curse words in your car and listen to angry music. For the most part, that won’t land you in the hospital and then jail. Make good choices, kiddies.

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