[Video] Father Hands Out Haymakers to Teenage Punk Girl for Attacking His Daughter

[Video] Father Hands Out Haymakers to Teenage Punk Girl for Attacking His Daughter

By Right Wing News’ Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

This dad punches the crap out of two girls attacking his daughter. Tell me you wouldn’t do the same if a pack of thugs were beating on your child. I know I would. They attacked the father as well, ripping his clothes. So, not only was he protecting his daughter, he was protecting himself. The moronic girl recording the event kept going on how he was an adult beating on children. Well, those children were the size of adults and viciously attacking his daughter. Would you have him stand there when they wouldn’t get off her and watch her beaten to death because they were so-called ‘children?’ Sorry, this time, I stand with the dad. Those girls got exactly what they had coming.

Father Protects Daughter

You see more and more of these packs of young people attacking others who they perceive to be weaker and usually, no one comes to the victim’s defense. These girls happened to do this in front of that girl’s father and he did what any dad would do. I don’t feel sorry for those female bullies at all. They got what they deserved. If you decide to be a thug and beat on someone else and you get handed your head for it, you only have yourself to blame. Every one of these punks should be arrested and the ones egging others on calling for them to attack that father should be put in jail as well. You hurt others, you pay a price. This time, a father delivered righteous haymakers to thugs who were assaulting his daughter. Good for him.

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