VIDEO: FEARBOLA grips the America!

VIDEO:  FEARBOLA grips the America!

FEARBOLA is plaguing America and is spreading at alarming rates.


According to CNN this is an airborne disease spreads solely through conversation. It is so contagious that some victims have contracted and spread it by simply seeing images and videos about the Ebola epidemic.

Although this a joke put out by CNN, it speaks to what has begun to plague America. Although more people have been married to Kim Kardashian then have contracted ebola in America, there has been no shortage of hysteria in America. Thousands of people have run to emergency rooms across America putting a further strain on America’s hospitals that are already understaffed.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing funny about ebola, but its funny how fast the hypochondriacs will run to the ER even though they have had no risk of being exposed to the virus. The hard working people of our medical community have been dealing with the hysteria that has been conjured up by the media. Yes there is a real threat but the likely hood of contracting ebola in the US is very low.

Stop going to the emergency room unless it is a serious emergency. If you have a sniffle, or a little fever you do not have to run to the emergency room! If you’re bleeding from eyes, have a very high fever, and have had contact with someone exposed to ebola…. go straight to the E.R.

The real concern that should be plaguing America is the lack of response from the Obama Administration. They are trying to tell us they have this all under control, but time after time they have proven to us that they do not. Obama’s great plan for ebola intervention involves appointing a ebola czar who is a political hack with no medical experience, sending the 101st airborne in the hot-zone with no hazmat suits, and last but not least NOT banning travel from ebola hot zone because it could hurt the African economies.

When are we going to wake up and realize they don’t have it under control? When are we going to realize the real threat comes directly from the White House? Hopefully we will before it too late.

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