Video: Freshman Girl Trained In Martial Arts Utterly Destroys Bully

Video: Freshman Girl Trained In Martial Arts Utterly Destroys Bully

Cyber bullying can get you hurt for real. At least that’s what this cyber bully found out. In what can only be termed poetic justice, this guy gets handled by a young lady trained in MMA. Scroll down for story and video.

A California teenage boy learned a hard lesson about what can happen if you bully the wrong girl.

The boy, who is a freshman at Sonoma Valley High School, took a brutal beating at the hands of a freshman girl who goes to Creekside High School, an alternative school on the campus, CBS News reported.

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According to the school district, the girl confronted the boy over the messages he posted to her Facebook page.

The boy then doused her with water and the fight started.

The boy suffered a black eye and the girl has been suspended and could face a battery charge, according to KGO-TV.

The video went viral with more than 15 million views after it was posted by Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter Kit Dale.

“I always encourage people to learn martial arts to one, have the confidence to walk away so it doesn’t affect you, but if it does, and you don’t have anywhere to back away, sometimes you’re going to need that to protect yourself,” Dale, who said he was bullied as a teen, told KGO-TV.

Many people try to hide behind their computers and attack people. They don’t usually expect to be called out for it in person. Although we can’t condone fighting at school or really anywhere, there are times when it’s necessary for self defense or to teach someone a lesson. This guy’s cyber bullying days may be over, thanks to a skilled martial arts practitioner. What would you think if it was your daughter?

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