VIDEO: George W. Bush: Obama Blew it By Taking Troops Out of Iraq (Watch)

VIDEO: George W. Bush: Obama Blew it By Taking Troops Out of Iraq (Watch)

Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade sat down with President George Bush recently and asked him about the decision to take all American forces out of Iraq.

Spoiler: he was against it.

He said he agreed with General Dempsey, that a residual force of 10-15,000 should be left in Iraq, but like other Republican presidents, he refused to openly attack the current president:

“The President has to make the choices he thinks are important. I am not going to second guess our President. I understand how tough the job is. To have a former President bloviating and second-guessing is, I don’t think good for the Presidency or for the country.”

Do you believe Obama is going to be this classy when the next Republican president is in office?

Neither do I.

Hat Tip: IJ Review

Duane Lester

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