VIDEO: Great Artist Leonardo Da Vinci’s LOST Painting Of JESUS has been FOUND!

VIDEO: Great Artist Leonardo Da Vinci’s LOST Painting Of JESUS has been FOUND!

Witness one of the greatest discoveries of the 21st century for yourself….


The 500-year-old panel is not much bigger than an average flatscreen TV and the wood has split, but what it shows is truly extraordinary.

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A painting of Jesus Christ that, after centuries of neglect, has been identified as Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi.”

It’s a discovery so rare, so unlikely, that when New York art dealer and da Vinci expert Robert Simon of Robert Simon Fine Art first saw the painting, he didn’t even consider the possibility.

“The whole idea that it might be by him was almost an impossibility; it’s kind of a dream,” said Simon.

The painting joins a small collection of surviving paintings by the Renaissance master who lived and worked in Italy in the 15th century, and is the star attraction in a major Leonardo exhibition opening in London in November, following careful conservation treatment to remedy the damage it suffered over the years.

“Salvator Mundi” is going on public display in London in November, as part of the exhibition Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan at The National Gallery.

The “Salvator Mundi” translates to mean, “Savior of the World”, and was thought of all these years to be destroyed. Such an extraordinary discovery is a very rare occurence, indeed.

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