[VIDEO] ISIS Terrorist in a Parked Hummer Tries to Outrun a Brimstone Missile and Fails Spectacularly

I love it when stuff I hate gets exploded! Check out this video released by The British Royal Air Force:

From the article:

In a video released by The British Royal Air Force, it’s hard to tell exactly why an ISIS Humvee is just sitting in the middle of nowhere.

But let’s assume, as coalition forces have been dropping payloads of explosive on the jihadists, that he was trying to lose a tail.

His first mistake was trying to outrun a military plane that can reach up to speeds of 989 miles per hour. And his last mistake was thinking that he could avoid a Brimstone missile, the most accurate precision guided terrorist killer in the world.

And now his friends know as well.


All I can say is #ISISFAIL, and laugh. ISIS clearly has no idea what they are up against. They will be eradicated. I hope your Humvee can go 999 miles an hour and outrun Brimstone Missles. Good luck on that.


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