[VIDEO] Israeli PM Netanyahu Schools Obama on Foreign Policy and Iran

[VIDEO] Israeli PM Netanyahu Schools Obama on Foreign Policy and Iran

A great reminder to our fearless leader, Obama-nation, that Iran is not our buddy. Thanks, Netanyahu:


From the article:

Though much of the rest of the Western World recognizes the significant threat posed by Iran to the peace and continued existence of Western civilization, President Obama has demonstrated, yet again, exactly why he cannot be trusted to speak on behalf of the United States on foreign policy issues.
President Obama has sent secret correspondence to Iran asking for cooperation and seeking some sort of reconciliation with the rogue nation that hates the West with a fiery passion.
However, though President Obama haplessly stumbles into another international quagmire, Israel’s leader, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has some strong words for Americans: Iran is your enemy.
In an interview with CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Netanyahu reminded viewers that Iran is the enemy.
“Iran is not your ally. Iran is not your friend. Iran is your enemy. It’s not your partner. Iran is committed to the destruction of Israel,” Netanyahu reminded.
Netanyahu reminded that Iran has repeatedly called for the destruction of the U.S.’s ally, Israel, and that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei even called for their destruction as recently as four days prior.
“This is not a friend, neither in the battle against ISIS nor in the great effort that should be made to deprive him of the capacity to make nuclear weapons. Don’t fall for Iran’s ruse, they are not your friend.”
“It’s not merely preventing Iran from having nuclear weapons today, it’s to prevent them…from having nuclear weapons tomorrow,” Netanyahu told CBS host Bob Schieffer. “That means that Iran should not be left with the residual capacity to enrich uranium that you need to have an atomic bomb, nor to have the long-range ballistic missiles — the ICBMs, intercontinental ballistic missile — to launch them.”
How is it that the Obama Administration can be so very clueless? The militant state of Iran demands annihilation of the Israeli Jewish State and those who enable them. By reaching out to Iran while simultaneously distancing himself from a true ally like Israel, President Obama has made his priorities known.


Gee, Obama, could you be any more offensive? As a Jewish American, this is very unsettling to me. I don’t understand how Obama can watch things happen in the Middle East and not align themselves with the obvious ally- Israel. Catch a clue, Obama. This is just stupid on top of offensive.

Do you think Obama should make a strong stand and align with Israel? Discuss.


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