VIDEO: ‘It’s Ridiculous and Enough Is Enough’: Former FBI Official Chews Out Baltimore Protesters for ‘Basically Advocating Anarchy’

VIDEO: ‘It’s Ridiculous and Enough Is Enough’: Former FBI Official Chews Out Baltimore Protesters for ‘Basically Advocating Anarchy’

The Baltimore riots are just the latest sad eruptions of violence that highlight a serious problem in society. No, I’m not talking about this supposed racism that lurks around every corner; I’m talking about the belief that all men of color are innocent, all police are racists and that the best way to discuss this supposed problem is to light cars on fire and loot. According to a recent Blaze article, a former FBI official is just as fed-up with this pattern of behavior as I am.


Tom Fuentes, a former FBI assistant director and former police officer, chewed out Baltimore protesters and city officials during an on-camera interview at a rally Saturday.

“For the last two hours I have listened to this screaming over here in front of several thousand people,” Fuentes told CNN’s Poppy Harlow. “They’re not saying some police are good, some are bad, let’s work together in the community and fix the problems we have.

“They are saying all police are bad, everybody that’s been locked up is good and should be released right now, and basically advocating anarchy in a town that averages five black kids being murdered a week … and the whole crowd is buying it and cheering it on. And I just think it’s ridiculous and enough is enough.”

After Harlow asked Fuentes how it might change, he said Baltimore officials need to work together — adding in no uncertain terms that it hasn’t happened nearly enough considering who’s in charge.

“You have a black mayor, a black commissioner of police, 50 percent of the department is black, the last commissioner was black,” Fuentes pointed out. “Now if they can’t work together to try to fix what’s going on in this town and do something about the unbelievably high crime rate here and murder rate in Baltimore, then I don’t know, I think it’s almost going to be hopeless …”

He added that the protest going on around him was an example of what’s wrong in the city, saying that “nothing about working together” was emphasized; rather “it’s ranting and raving, advocating anarchy, and it’s wrong.”

The Baltimore riots are the merely the latest manifestation of the deep division that remains in America- a division ruthlessly augmented, exploited and relied-upon by liberals who understand that division amongst the ranks is good for the installment of despotism.

If we are going to take these complaints about law enforcement seriously, those who seek the beginning of this conversation must first stop attempting to showcase the validity of their cause by looting stores and committing violence.

And, perhaps just as importantly, the powers-that-be must stop attempting to placate these lunatics as a means of quelling the violence.

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