VIDEO: Jon Stewart Mocks DEMOCRATS For Not Being As Young & Diverse as REPUBLICANS

VIDEO: Jon Stewart Mocks DEMOCRATS For Not Being As Young & Diverse as REPUBLICANS

Okay, who are you and what have you done with Jon Stewart? The notably liberal host of the late-night satirical television show “The Daily Show”  is about to come under heavy fire for his post-election comments which didn’t exactly favor the Democrats.


From IJReview:

In his post-election analysis, Daily Show host Jon Stewart characterized the Democrats’ embarrassing defeat in the midterm elections in as explicit terms as it gets.  big GOP wins across the country.

Stewart also touches on another inconvenient truth in the worldview-shattering election results– that the wave of change isn’t at all what Democrats hope for. And he predicts the Democrats having major hissy fits over the victories of conservative minority or female candidates like Tim ScottMia Love and Elise Stefanik.

Whether one is a Republican or a Democrat, one thing is for certain: the “race card” and the “war on women” narratives are facing some major complications, and many Americans are wondering if the Democratic Party has anything else besides excuses and identity politics.

Watch the “offending” video below:

I’m not sure when I entered the Twilight Zone, but I think I like it here. In one election, the Democrats have become the party of “Old White Men,” and the GOP became the face of diversity. In one election, the voters have shown that not only are they sick of being stereotyped by the Washington elites, but they are fully capable of flipping the narrative to expose the Democrats for what they are: intolerant hypocrites who are afraid of change.

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