VIDEO: Kid Destroys Dollar Store While Random Idiot Films it on His Cameraphone

VIDEO: Kid Destroys Dollar Store While Random Idiot Films it on His Cameraphone

What you are about to see will make you BROILING MAD. I watched this video I just got angrier and angrier… my anger transitioned from the troubled kid ripping everything off the shelves in the Dollar Store to the ‘cameraman’ who follows him around instead of stopping it.

kid dollar tree

I’m still sitting here wondering “where the hell are this kids parents, where the hell are the store employees… and why did it take responsible adults in this store so long to stop this kid and call the cops?”. You will not be able to understand most of what the idiot filming this is saying because he’s got the crappiest English on this earth, he doesn’t sound like a foreigner, just an uneducated lazy speaker. I could seriously punch him for keeping his bystander status and exploiting the kid!

It is evident that this poor kid has NO parents or is being neglected by his caretakers. He needs someone to come down hard on him to teach him obedience and respect for other people’s stuff. This kid is truly crying out for a good parent to step up and lead him… he’s not getting that at home, poor thing. Every adult in this store had the opportunity that day to DO something and only one did. Welcome to the new society… a society of strangers where your troubles and woes are film worthy but not worthy enough to be reprimanded and taught.

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WARNING: The only language you CAN understand from the cameraman is “dollar store” and strong profanity.

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