VIDEO: Man Buried Alive By MASSIVE 113 Year Old Chimney & Walks Away Unscathed

VIDEO: Man Buried Alive By MASSIVE 113 Year Old Chimney & Walks Away Unscathed

As a kid, I always believed demolition crews were the “fun” counterparts to construction. Getting to blow things up and demolish always appeared infinitely more fun than constructing. However, in truth, while it may be more fun, it is also significantly more dangerous. This lucky man discovered just how dangerous it could be when a giant smokestack fell on him and, unbelievably, he walked away virtually unscathed!


Forget lottery winners and those who always scoop the top prize at the Christmas raffle – this is the luckiest man alive.

Demolition worker Tim Philfer walked away virtually unscathed after a towering 113-year-old smokestack fell on top of him.

An experienced building site crew were trying to obliterate the century-old chimney at the former Avondale Mills smokehouse in Alabama.

But when their attempts with explosives failed to bring it down, Mr Philfer took matters into his own hands and tried to manually tip it over.

Using an excavator, he spent over an hour digging away at the base of the giant structure.

Eventually, his hard work paid off and the building began to give way.

But, instead of falling into the wide open space, it began to plunge backwards towards Mr Philfer.

Horrified onlookers watched the scene unfolding before their eyes but they were unable to do anything to help.

Mr Philfer’s daughter Abi was part of the shocked crowd and ran towards the rubble after the incident.

Miraculously, Mr Philfer managed to climb out of the digger by himself and only had a few scratches to show for the endeavour.

Speaking to ABC News afterwards he said, ‘The cab was made for that thing to turn over on top of it.

‘And I was safer inside the cab then out of it.’

The jaw-dropping scenes were caught on camera and posted to

It’s unbelievable that he was not significantly injured!

Hopefully this serves as a lesson. From demolishing a structure to cutting-down a huge tree, things don’t always go as planned. Be prepared.

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