[VIDEO] Man seen throwing puppy over fence is wanted by the police

[VIDEO] Man seen throwing puppy over fence is wanted by the police

After watching this video (below) of abuse to this poor puppy I’m thinking someone needs to throw this cruel man over a fence.

Carlsbad animal shelter puppy over fence

According to Monday’s NBC San Diego News, a man who was captured in a Ramona, California, surveillance video, cruelly throwing a puppy over a fence, is wanted for questioning by the authorities.

The incident took place outside of the Investigative Science and Engineering, Inc., commercial building on D Street on August 28. The business’ vice president, Karen Tavares, described what the man was doing prior to the actual throwing of the pup over the fencing:

“He was seen in the back alley looking around, looking at the surroundings, looking at the yard. The dog was following him everywhere he went,”

Though the act was cruel, things could have been much worse if not for Tavares’ visit to work over the holiday weekend…at the time that the pup was dumped, the outside temperature was in the 90s and there would have been no food or water available to the pup for several days.

Because Tavares came to the building, the pup was discovered before the outside temperature could take a deadly toll. San Diego County Department of Animal Services took possession of the puppy, who was said to be okay despite being dropped over the fence.


Anyone who recognizes the man in the video is asked to call 760-966-3224.

The puppy is currently available for adoption at the Carlsbad animal shelter.

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