VIDEO: Marine Fights for His Adopted Military Service Dog’s Life

VIDEO: Marine Fights for His Adopted Military Service Dog’s Life

If there is any stronger bond than between those who have fought side by side in war, it is maybe the bond between a man and his dog who have fought together in war. Fox News reports on a former Marine and his canine comrade who are fighting a new battle.


Retired bomb-sniffing dog Rex is an American hero who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan. Rex saved countless American lives by detecting explosives on combat missions.

He was injured and forced to retire in 2009 when the vehicle he was being transported in was struck by an IED.

Now, after being adopted by a Virginia Marine, the 8-year-old Belgian Malinois is facing a new battle: cancer.

Lt. Col. Adin Pfeuffer and Rex appeared on “Fox and Friends Weekend” to share the courageous canine’s story and how you can help.

Pfeuffer explained that Rex was not physically injured by the IED, but he was unable to continue to work around bright lights or loud noises.

“He was unable to keep concentration, so he was retired,” Pfeuffer said.

Recently, a veterinarian discovered a large, cancerous tumor in the back of Rex’s throat.

He has been undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments to shrink the tumor and prevent the cancer from spreading.

Pfeuffer revealed that Rex’s medical bills have been approximately $15,000 so far. While he’s managed to raise about $11,000 with the help of some foundations, the costs are only expected to go up with more medications and treatments.

That’s why Pfeuffer created a page on CrowdRise, so that anyone who wants to help support Rex in his battle against cancer can donate to a great cause.

“He’s a phenomenal dog,” Pfeuffer said. “He’s my best friend and goes everywhere with me … He’s part of the family.”…

Visit Pfeuffer’s CrowdRise page if you want to donate or learn more about Rex.

Semper Fi, Rex. Let’s pray for a speedy and full recovery…

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