VIDEO: Megyn Kelly OBLITERATES Jewish Democrat Who Was Against Netanyahu

VIDEO: Megyn Kelly OBLITERATES Jewish Democrat Who Was Against Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress was epic, inspirational and the kind of message that a real leader should espouse. However, many Democrats took issue with Netanyahu’s acceptance of the invitation to speak and the Conservative Tribune reports on an outstanding confrontation between Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and a Jewish Democrat who was against Netanyahu’s speech.


On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered his much-anticipated speech to Congress about Iran’s nuclear program and the existential threat it poses to Israel.

His message was well received by most in attendance, and Netanyahu was welcomed with a bipartisan standing ovation, before, during and after his speech.

However, at least 50 Democrat members of Congress, both senators and representatives, skipped the speech as part of a political boycott of Netanyahu, no doubt inspired by the White House’s chilly attitude toward the Israeli leader.

One of those Democrats that skipped the speech was Tennessee Representative Steve Cohen, a far-left Jew often at the forefront of progressive causes.

Cohen joined Megyn Kelly on Monday night’s episode of “The Kelly File” to discuss the planned boycott ahead of the speech.

According to Fox News, Cohen said that he planned to watch the speech on TV, but would not be in attendance, as he didn’t wish to “be part of the spectacle.”

“I love Israel. I’m for Israel. I think Israel’s gonna be hurt by this speech,” he said, going on to explain that he thought Netanyahu and Obama should work together, instead of taking shots at each other.

Megyn Kelly stood in defense of Netanyahu’s speech, saying that he legitimately believes that Iran poses a serious threat to the continued existence of Israel.

Cohen replied that Israel’s leader has a history of being wrong about what constitutes a threat to Israel before, pointing to the arguments made ahead of the Iraq War in 2002, arguments that an overwhelming majority of Democrats believed at the time as well.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu doesn’t come to the table with the best marks either,” Cohen said.

Kelly shot back, “You know who doesn’t either? Iran.”

Cohen also tried to argue that there are international inspectors in Iran to keep an eye on their nuclear facilities, but Kelly quickly pointed out that the inspectors have been quite clear that Iran is not cooperating or complying with their inspections.

The shocking disrespect offered to Netanyahu signifies a nauseating disrespect towards Israel, a disrespect that threatens not only the continuation of the Jewish state, but our relationship with them.

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