VIDEO: Mia Love At CPAC – ‘Conservatives Can’t Yield the Moral High Ground to the Left’

VIDEO: Mia Love At CPAC – ‘Conservatives Can’t Yield the Moral High Ground to the Left’

Mia Love (R-Utah) had some inspiring and tough words at CPAC last week. She’s firm in her beliefs and she made them quite clear when she talked to The Daily Signal.


From Viral Buzz:

Mia Love (R.Utah) is a freshman Representative with a specific agenda:

“My goal is to do more undoing than doing, removing layers of bureaucracy” that have created “the fourth branch of government that was never intended by our forefathers.“

When asked what drives her, Mia Love, a first generation American of Haitian immigrants, cited her parents who came to the country with strong conservative principles. They “didn’t care how many jobs they needed to work, as long as they were in control of their future, as long as they had an opportunity to save.”

Love believes, “Conservative values are the values that drive more dreams, that fuel more freedom, that lift more people from the lowest common denominator up and beyond.”

She is adamant that Republicans, “can’t yield the moral high ground to the left.”

The rest of her message can be heard below:

In a society where it’s become more popular to just pile new laws on top of the old ones, Mia Love’s policy of “doing more undoing than doing” is a breath of fresh air, even if it is somewhat difficult to say. Amen girl, and keep at it!

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