VIDEO: Mom shaves daughter’s head ‘as punishment for bullying classmate with cancer’

VIDEO: Mom shaves daughter’s head ‘as punishment for bullying classmate with cancer’

What many would call ‘shameful’ footage has emerged of a mum shaving her daughter’s head after she apparently discovered said daughter had been bullying a classmate who was suffering from cancer.


Yes, teenage girls can be especially vicious sometimes, but to mock a cancer fighter is a bit low on the self-esteem scale. Obviously this mother wasn’t raising a wolf to feed on the sheep, so she did the only thing any level-headed parent would do. Right?

The girl, shrieking in absolute horror, clutches at her head as her mom starts chopping off her long dark locks – leaving her as bald as an eagle.

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The extreme act was a way of teaching an obvious lesson that you do not make fun of others…especially if they have a life threatening disease.

During the clip, we see the girl screaming and crying as she sits in a chair. Mom is standing behind her grabbing at her head and going all Edward Scissorhands on her.


The act of humiliating your kids on social media to teach them some kind of lesson is a bit strange to me. It’s showcasing for some type of validation of your parenting skill, or something.

The clip was posted in February of last year, but only went viral this week after a resurfacing. It’s not clear where it was filmed, but judging by the muffled audio, the accents sound European.

Others have claimed that the video was not about bullying at all, but that the daughter was caught sexting naked photos of herself.

One user named RezaRafati wrote: “This is very bad parenting.”

Another disgusted user, Robert Paulson simply wrote: “Wrong.”

But Sergio Braz seemed to be on the mom’s side, as he wrote: “She shaved her head. The hair grows back again and I think she will learn a lesson.”

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