VIDEO: The Moment a Customer ‘Tips’ a Denny’s Waiter With a SEX ACT

VIDEO: The Moment a Customer ‘Tips’ a Denny’s Waiter With a SEX ACT

In trying to figure out HOW in the world I am going to open up this article…I just fell flat. I’m sad for the female in this video, who degrades her value, and has no awareness of her individual worth. She is surrounded by friends who are supporting her to do something so damaging to her self worth, that recovering from it will be tremendously hard to do..especially with the video itself going viral. Don’t judge her. Just look to your own girls, and help them see their worth, so they don’t end up being fooled by fake friends and not confident enough to love themselves.

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Video of the exchange which surfaced this week shows the diner jumping for joy and letting out a little squeal when her waiter informs her she can perform the sex act on him in front of everyone in the restaurant.

Though it’s possible the female exhibitionist was intoxicated, it appears in the footage as though the sexual encounter is consensual.

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It is not specified where in America the particular Denny’s is located and the identities of those shown in the video has not been revealed.

‘I mean if she’s willing…I mean come on now,’ the waiter says in the footage before unbuttoning his pants.

‘Yeah!,’ screams the enthusiastic brunette before holding jumping for joy and pulling her hair back so that she can pleasure the Denny’s employee right next to the table where she ate her meal seconds before.

‘Whip it out. Go for it,’ a male companion of the girl can be heard saying in the background.

‘Yes,’ she screams before dropping to her knees and following through with her request.

‘I’ll tell you what. That’s one awesome tip,’ says the waiter as he enjoys his reward.

The girl then stops midway through the act erupting in laughter.

‘That’s it? You’re just going to tease him? ‘Says her male friend before the footage cuts out.

It’s not known whether that waiter still has his job.

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore…

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