VIDEO: Obnoxious ‘Black Brunch’ Protesters Strike Again — but Restaurant Staff and Customers Don’t All Stay Silent

VIDEO: Obnoxious ‘Black Brunch’ Protesters Strike Again — but Restaurant Staff and Customers Don’t All Stay Silent

In the wake of the “hands up, don’t shoot” fiction that engulfed the conversation about race in America, obnoxious protesters have taken to randomly showing up at places of business to yell at white people about their supposed privilege and the supposed racism that lurks around every corner and is at the heart of every interaction. Most have remained silent when these protesters arrive, but according to a report from the Blaze, the latest “Black Brunch” did not go so well.


A few months back, “Black Brunch” protests made headlines as groups walked into restaurants (i.e., “white spaces”), stood among diners and loudly read statistics and proclamations regarding black oppression — while video cameras rolled.

With few exceptions, staff and customers sat through the protests — though a number later posted on social media their displeasure with the whole thing.

On Sunday, Black Brunch protesters in Decatur, Georgia, geared up for more of the same.

But this time they apparently were met with a bit more resistance.

Staff at Sweet Melissa’s — voted Atlanta’s Best Brunch in 2004 — were seen on video trying to get protesters to leave and threatening to call police. When a staffer touched one protester’s shoulder, the protester was seen taking issue with that.

An activist tweeted that some Sweet Melissa’s patrons shoved and threatened protesters; one table apparently yelled, “Our breakfast matters.”

One customer was videotaped sitting at a table and yelling back at protesters: “You’re stirring up conflict!” and “Go home!”

“White liberals don’t like to be reminded of their privilege,” noted one Twitter user.

If the black community- or any community- wants to have a substantive, productive discussion about race in America predicated upon respectful dialogue and facts, I doubt few will object.

However, what plagues our national discussion about race is a continuation and bolstering of the victim mentality by race-hustlers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and yes, even our own president.

This kind of obnoxious behavior produces nothing but resentment.

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