VIDEO: One Crazy YouTuber Just Created A Railgun

VIDEO: One Crazy YouTuber Just Created A Railgun

Have you ever looked at your gun collection and sighed, “You know what I’m missing? A railgun”? One YouTuber evidently noticed one was missing from his collection and amazingly built one. Check it out:


If you’ve heard of YouTubers such as Colin Furze or Grant Thompson then you probably love a bit of science, engineering and blowing things up. Ziggy Zee is no different, but for this particular stunt, he went green.

I’m not sure that ‘green’ is synonymous with ‘electric’ but I like to think that this 250 pound electromagnetic railgun is a way of making firearms accessible to the environmentalists. The incredible weapon “uses current to generate extreme magnetic fields that propel a conductive projectile to high speeds”.

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As the railgun’s premise is still in its infancy, such weapons have, for the time being, a limited application. However, the physics behind them are amazing and this is certainly a cool accomplishment!

I don’t know how practical one of these weapons would be in a collection, but it sure is cool! As amazing as it is, however, I doubt he will receive an invite from the White House for his cool invention.

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