VIDEO: Question massively backfires on reporter who asks Sheriff if he regrets comments about anticipating a ‘gunfight’ with murder suspects

VIDEO: Question massively backfires on reporter who asks Sheriff if he regrets comments about anticipating a ‘gunfight’ with murder suspects

plkcntyshrfYou can’t bully Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd around with political correctness. He was asked by a reporter last week if he regretted statements he said in the “heat of the moment” in regards to expecting a gunfight with armed robbers who allegedly robbed and murdered two women in Central Florida.

The Blaze posted his response,

“I not only have no regret, I’m pretty excited about telling you that — that’s exactly what would’ve happened,” Judd shot back. “Make no mistake about it, there’s nothing about politically correct in a gun fight. There’s nothing about politically correct when you are keeping people alive and well and safe. And the people of this community and these law enforcement officers come first.”

“I meant every word of it then, and I mean every word of it now,” he added. “If you surrender peacefully, that’s the way we prefer it. You start pointing guns at us, you can not only plan on, but you can guarantee that we are going to shoot you.”

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Judd also warned, “If they point guns at us, make no mistake about it, we will shoot them, a lot.”

The thugs were considered so dangerous that residents were warned to stay inside overnight. Here is what this brave sheriff said after successfully capturing all of the perpetrators.

“They killed two innocent women last night in their homes. They tried to kill a lot of law enforcement officers last night, and were unsuccessful, and we took then all into custody.”

If the journalist had his way and headed up the sheriff’s office, would the thugs even have been captured, or would they still be out roaming around, robbing and murdering more innocent victims? Fortunately, Sheriff Judd is in charge in Polk County, not the silly, young green – probably in more than one way – reporter.

Watch the video below:

Watch more from ABC:

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