Video Shows Home-Made Drone Equipped With A HANDGUN Opening Fire In The Woods

Video Shows Home-Made Drone Equipped With A HANDGUN Opening Fire In The Woods

In a video that is sure to panic anti-gun crusaders, a teenager equipped a drone with a handgun and a mechanism to pull the trigger, thus arming the drone. The Daily Mail reports on the “terrifying” video:


Footage has emerged of a seemingly lethal home-made drone opening fire in the woods.

The demonstration video, apparently made by a teenager in Connecticut, shows a robotic device with four rotor engines firing four shots in succession.

Each time the handgun is fired, the drone is knocked back some distance, but remains stable enough to discharge a bullet once every three seconds.

The 14-second clip appears to be the work of Austin Haughwout, an 18-year-old from Clinton, Connecticut, who runs the YouTube account to which the video was posted last week.
He entitled the video ‘Flying Gun’, and wrote the following description underneath: ‘Homemade multirotor with a semiautomatic handgun mounted on it.

‘Note: The length from the muzzle to the rear of the frame is over 26″.’

Both handguns and this type of drone device are widely available in the United States. The drone appears to have been equipped with a mechanism to pull the trigger on command.

Footage of gun-bearing drones has posted online as early as 2012, when an unnamed enthusiast attached a machine-gun to a much more advanced drone than the one seen in the latest clip.

According to the Federal Aviation Authority, current rules already prohibit prevent any weapons being attached to any kind of aircraft.

In 2013, the Washington Times reported that an FAA officials told industry leaders: ‘We currently have rules in the books that deal with releasing anything from an aircraft, period.

‘Those rules are in place and that would prohibit weapons from being installed on a civil aircraft.’

He was apparently referring to part of the FAA code labelled ‘dropping objects’.

The agency can impose large fines for breaking the rules.

No, in all honesty, this is probably not a good idea. However, what this illustrates is that technological advancements make it possible for people to stretch the bounds of firearm usage and most importantly, that silly rules and regulations concerning what people can and cannot do with firearms has little to no effect. People are going to do what they want to do and we law-abiding citizens should be ready for that.

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