VIDEO: Ted Cruz “apologizes” for slamming “New York values”

VIDEO: Ted Cruz “apologizes” for slamming “New York values”

Ted Cruz, on Friday, offered not only just an apology, but rather an extended apology to New York and all those “offended” by his comments on “NEW YORK VALUES” … However, it’s not the sort of apology that one would expect in his situation…no, this apology was delivered like only Ted Cruz could deliver it…full of TRUTH, with zero sign of regret!


Watch how Cruz delivers his apology…not about using the term “New York Values” as expected…but an apology to the people of New York who have been let down time after time by the LIBERAL politicians of the state.

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Just in case you would like a recap of his Brilliant response…

Looks like THIS apology just turned the tables on those who were demanding one from him in the first place. Not through the use of spite or malice, but using good old fashioned….TRUTH. To that, I say…BRAVO!

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