VIDEO: Teen Grabs Girlfriend’s Hair Through His Car Window and Drives as ‘Punishment For Acting Up’

VIDEO: Teen Grabs Girlfriend’s Hair Through His Car Window and Drives as ‘Punishment For Acting Up’

Conflict is a natural part of any relationship. Understanding how to resolve this conflict is a hallmark of a healthy relationship. This could include talking it out and even obtaining counseling if need be. What it should not include, however, is dragging your significant other by her hair with a car. However, this piece of work seems to have missed that memo:


A disturbing video shows the moment a young man is seen dragging his girlfriend by her hair, which he has trapped in his car window.

The video shows him with a handful of the young woman’s long hair hanging through the closed window on the driver side of his car as he hits the accelerator and starts driving down the road.

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‘This is what you do when people wanna act up. Pull her hair through the window, roll the window up and hit the gas,’ he is heard saying at the start of the video.

While laughing, he slowly starts to accelerate down what appears to be a residential road as she bangs on the car window yelling for him to stop.

She is seen trying to keep up with the car while walking at a fast pace and continuously yells stop as he is heard laughing and saying what sounds like the name ‘Jenny’.

A short time later, he stops the car and she says for him to open the window before the 34-second video ends.

The video, which appears to have been taken on a cellphone by the young man, was uploaded to the site LiveLeak on Monday.

What’s amazing is that not only did this young hoodlum do this, but actually videoed himself doing it- apparently unaware of how vile his actions truly were.

What is society coming to?…

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