VIDEO: Thug Hits Mother in Front of Her Son… Regrets It INSTANTLY!

VIDEO: Thug Hits Mother in Front of Her Son… Regrets It INSTANTLY!

The world is filled with bullies (cowards), however thank goodness there are ALSO just has many if not more good samaritans who will take a stand against them, in defense of those that might not be able to yet defend themselves…


Rare reported that a video from August 2015 is circulating the Internet showing what happened when a guy decided to punch a woman in the face while her son was standing right next to her.

It is unclear why the woman was punched in the face, as the video starts just at the moment the woman is struck. Without even thinking twice, the man standing next to her retaliates.

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With one blow he knocked the punk to the ground where he lies there, presumably unconscious.

Interestingly enough — and perhaps sadly — the woman who was attacked immediately bent down to make sure that the knocked out punk is OK.

Many of the comments under the video, which has almost 1 million views, say that the punk was at fault here, and praise the son for standing up for his mother.

From the video it is unclear if the punk intended to hit the woman or not. It is very clear that the group of people were having an argument, but it is unclear what the argument was about.

It appears that right before he is knocked unconscious the punk says “my bad,” possibly indicating that he wasn’t trying to hit the woman.

Regardless, I’m guessing that this guy will think twice before trying to hit anyone. He’s likely to wake up with a bad headache, and lots of humiliation.

…and the battered woman goes to the monster’s side to check on him. Classic. This is a good Son, sometimes what a bully needs most, is to be bullied themselves. It’s just sad that it didn’t happen when he was much younger, he may have not grown up to be a wife beater…

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