VIDEO: Tornado Tears Through LA Suburb

VIDEO: Tornado Tears Through LA Suburb

The storms plaguing California have taken their toll on everyone, but one Los Angeles suburb had a December to remember when a rare tornado ripped through. Cleanup will be a long, tedious process, but the residents of this suburb will love to know that no injuries were immediately reported.


From the Description of the YouTube Video:

‘Tornado’ Strikes South L.A. Neighborhood, Rips Roof Off Building: Residents

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A small tornado tears through a South Los Angeles neighborhood, as Eyewitness News viewers capture the chaos on camera.

No injuries were immediately reported, but the neighborhood does face cleanup from the damage.

Amazing video below:

There is no way to adequately prepare for a natural disaster, let alone when you’re in an area that very rarely receives them. Sure, they get mudslides and earthquakes, but tornadoes are a different kind of dangerous. It’s a miracle nobody got killed.



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