[VIDEO] Trump DESTROYS Jeb On Illegal Immigration With Brutal New Ad!

[VIDEO] Trump DESTROYS Jeb On Illegal Immigration With Brutal New Ad!

Donald Trump may have said that he would not attack his Republican rivals with aggressive television ads, but he certainly didn’t say anything about speaking the truth about them – or posting it on Instagram. Poor old Jebby is probably crying in the corner as we speak, watching the ad on a loop:

Trump v Bush

A 15-second ad appeared on the billionaire pol’s Instagram page in the afternoon, bludgeoning former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for his past comment that illegal immigrants who cross the U.S. border in search of a better life should have Americans’ empathy – not their scorn.

Bush said last year during an event marking the 25th anniversary of his father’s presidency that many illegal immigrants in the U.S. had ‘crossed the border because they had no other means to work to be able to provide for their family. Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s an act of love. It’s an act of commitment to your family.’

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Video of that moment alternates in Trump’s ad with a series of mugshots showing three such border-crossers who have been charged with murder, including one already convicted of a brutal homicide.

‘This is no “act of love” as Jeb Bush said,’ Trump tweeted Monday afternoon, with a link to the video. ‘

The short ad ends with marching orders for his political partisans: ‘FORGET LOVE … IT’S TIME TO GET TOUGH!’

The first mugshot to appear over a bed of horror-movie music is Francisco Sanchez, the illegal immigrant charged in the San Francisco killing of Kate Steinle after being deported from the United States five times.

After Sanchez comes Santana Gaona, who was convicted of killing a Texas man during a family birthday party in 2011 while he was in the U.S. illegally. Gaona was released from custody after spending just two months behind bars on a charge of raping and beating his estranged wife.

Brian Omar Hyde, charged with three deaths in Florida, rounds out the trio. The teenager from Belize faces trial for allegedly stabbing to death his 37-year-old aunt, her 17-year-old pregnant daughter and the daughter’s 19-year old boyfriend.

The criminal trio’s presence in the brief ad echoes the infamous ‘Willie Horton’ ad that sank the presidential aspirations of former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis in 1988.

Horton infamously committed assault, armed robbery and rape in 1987 while on a weekend furlough program from prison, even though he was serving a life sentence for murder without the possibility of parole.

It was Jeb’s father, the then vice president and future President George H.W. Bush, whose campaign made Horton a household name in a successful quest to paint Dukakis as ‘soft on crime.’

The Bush campaign issued a statement shortly after the Trump ad hit the Internet on Monday, attempting to put Trump on defense over policy nuances in the midst of a bloody political death match.

‘While Donald Trump was still supporting liberal, soft-on-crime politicians, Jeb Bush accumulated an eight-year record of cracking down on violent criminals as governor of Florida,’ Bush spokeswoman Kristy Campbell said.

‘Mr. Trump’s immigration plan is not conservative, would violate the Constitution and cost hundreds of billions of dollars, which he will likely attempt to pay for through massive tax hikes.’

The Bush camp has tried to cast Trump’s grand plan to build ‘a big, beautiful wall’ on America’s southern border as a taxpayer-funded white elephant that will ultimately fail to stem the tide of migrants from the south.

But Trump has built his growing political franchise on claims that Americans have endured a tidal wave of crime as ‘rapists’ and ‘murderers’ come northward at the urging of a Mexican government that would rather make them a U.S.-owned problem.

The new ad seems to buck the tone Trump set over the weekend when a CNN reporter asked him who he intended to attack in his first negative TV ad.

‘I just want to talk about my accomplishments. I’m not looking to attack anybody,’ Trump replied after an event in Nashville, Tennessee, on Saturday night. ‘I would rather have positive TV ads. Absolutely.’

By Sunday he was reaping the rewards of an apparent pledge to play nice, especially since his constant airtime on news broadcastss saves him the trouble of spending to get his message out.

I’m sure Jeb is absolutely befuddled with the concept of his family’s very style of ad campaign turning itself on him. Bush is already playing the role of sore loser at a game of kickball on the playground. Jeb probably better set his sights elsewhere, because all Trump is doing is broadcasting the truth that all Americans already know. His non-stance on immigration is winning him no votes.

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